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The Mission.
Every conference, whether it is a small group or a city
wide crusade, our heart beat has always been to draw,
empower and awaken the hearts of people to the
wonder of His love.
For over two decades, our ministry has touched over 100 cities, in our 24 nations. Prophet
Shyju Mathew began preaching at the age of seven, and began travelling for ministry
from the age of eleven. We are honoured to see how God can use a vessel available to
Revive conferences
Revive Conferences have been held around the world and the Lord has been faithful to
confirm the Word with miracles and wonders. Touching and delivering people, young and
old from bondages of the enemy. It is most thrilling to see hearts set on Holy Spirit fire.
Leaders from across the globe have testified on the continued impact and influence of
this ministry.
Join us at an event near you and experience the Word of God in the power of the Spirit.
Partner with us to be notified.
healing and deliverance services
The main goal of this service is to set people free from demonic oppression and illness.
africa mission
The main focus of the AFRICA MISSION is to reach the unsaved people and support the needy by starting orphanages, schools and universities within Africa.
international gospel crusades
This is our main vision that delivers the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World with signs and wonders.
Ablaze australia
Ablaze Australia is our monthly conference which is held in Melbourne Australia along with international guest speakers.
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