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About Your Giving
Thank you Partners
Our giving can also become a channel to partner with the preaching of the gospel and taking the message of Revival to the nations of the earth. The monthly commitment that you make towards the ministry of Revive Nations, are seeds that you are sowing into the destiny of nations, and you will consequently harvest the blessing and the grace for nations!
Your Partnership is extremely valuable in accomplishing our Global Evangelism mission.
Partnership Goals
healing and deliverance conference
Your Partnership enables us to host Healing & Deliverance Conference around the world.
Gospel Crusades
The Bible says, "he that winneth souls, are wise". You can be a part of our international crusades to send the Gospel to the unreached Nations.
TV & Media Ministry
Our media ministry network covers almost of the globe. One of our commission is to use media to reach the word of hope to the people.
africa mission
God has given us a great commission to reach the word and provide support to the nations of Africa. You can support the crusades, conference and charity programs.
Media & Technology
God has given us an incredible team that help us amplify the voice of God
through social media, virtual live services, and other regular broadcasts. Your
partnership helps in procuring media equipment, getting the best graphics to
communicate the message.
"For Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap."
sow your seed
water the seed by faith
wait for it
you shall reap the harvest
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